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Last week was HISTORIC

The longest inquest in British history has now fully exposed the biggest cover up in British history.


Truth Justice

Those two words, written large on banners draped from the majestic St. George’s Hall, perfectly summarized the core of what has driven this hard fought campaign, and tens of thousands turned up to pay their respects to the 96, and honour the families, survivors, and supporters who battled tirelessly to see this moment…

And in the process sacrificed more than we will ever know…

The 27 year wait to hear THE TRUTH is utterly indefensible, but this verdict is for all who believed, who never gave up, and who never let those in charge get away with it!!

It’s a national disgrace that it has taken so long…

but this is what every Hillsborough campaigner has tirelessly fought for!! We only hope this vindication is now followed by swift and thorough accountability


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