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Posted by jessica levick on May 5, 2016  /   Comments Open

Last week was HISTORIC… The longest inquest in British history has now fully exposed the biggest cover up in British history. TRUTH… JUSTICE Those two words, written large on banners draped from the majestic St. …


Sundance – The Concierge Questionnaire

Posted by Lauren Reynolds on January 24, 2015  /   Comments Open

SATURDAY got the chance to speak with Lynn Pattnosh of ConciergeQ about the thoughts behind the SATURDAY short film and how it came to be. Mike Forshaw tells us why he was so strongly moved …

In the Mix

Official SATURDAY Trailer

Posted by Jon Accarrino on December 11, 2014  /   7 Comments

We have more exciting news. In preparation for SUNDANCE 2015, SATURDAY’s Director, Mike Forshaw, put together an official trailer for the film. Unfortunately the trailer, as well as the rest of the film, isn’t allowed …


Saturday To Premiere At Sundance 2015

Posted by Lauren Reynolds on December 10, 2014  /   Comments Open

SATURDAY to premiere at 2015 Sundance Film Festival Presented By Red Touch Media In Partnership With Really Epic Dog A Magnified Pictures Kickstarter Campaign Supported By Wayne Scholes Brings To Life Short Film About 1989 Hillsborough …


One year ago today…

Posted by Mike Forshaw on October 24, 2014  /   Comments Open

We’d just finished shooting SATURDAY… Can you believe it has been a year?! Although we can’t show you the film, as a little token of our thanks (and indulge myself in a little reminisce) we …

Hillsborough terraces

‘Hillsborough survivors have always been there for us, and we’re here for them’

Posted by Mike Forshaw on September 26, 2014  /   Comments Open

Heroes… Just thought I’d share this article with you in case you haven’t seen it: The new inquest is now listening to long-over due evidence from those sometimes forgotten heroes of Hillsborough, the survivors. This …


Truth Day

Posted by jessica levick on September 12, 2014  /   Comments Open

Hi guys It is now two years since the publication of the Hillsborough Independent Panel’s (HIP) report — and this document has triggered an incredible chain of events that has led to the current inquest that …

Anne Williams

Anne William’s – Honoured by the BBC

Posted by jessica levick on December 20, 2013  /   Comments Open

In case any of you guys missed last Sunday’s BBC Sport’s Personality of The Year Awards, Anne Williams received the Helen Rollason award for outstanding achievement in the face of adversity in recognition of her ceaseless …


That’s A Wrap!

Posted by Mike Forshaw on November 2, 2013  /   Comments Open

So… months of development, planning and pre-production, all came down to 4 days of frantic filming ‹ and I am proud to say that SATURDAY is now IN THE CAN (literally, seeing as we shot …



Posted by jessica levick on October 11, 2013  /   Comments Open

Hey guys Recreating Liverpool in 1989 on a low budget is no easy task, but we’re pleased to announce we will be shooting our pub scene in Waterloo’s finest alehouse – The Volunteer Canteen – …